Ages: 10 to 16

Group Size: Max 8


  • 1.5 Hour Session
  • Half Day Session
  • Pre-bookable Events Workshop
  • Bespoke Personal Tuition

Available to: Schools, Home Educating Families, Community Groups, Events and Festivals.


Plumb Learning is the number one provider of inclusive, hands-on vocational skills workshops for children within the UK.

At Plumb Learning, our tiling workshops offer a unique blend of craftsmanship and creativity, providing children and young people with a foundational skill set that goes beyond the tiles. Available in a flexible format of either three 1.5-hour sessions or two half-days, these workshops can stand alone or complement our Core Plumbing workshops, allowing participants to experience a holistic approach to trade skills.

Our tiling workshops dive deep into the art and science of tiling, covering everything from measuring and cutting tiles to the application of adhesive and groute. Under the guidance of enthusiastic, experienced, workshop facilitators, participants will master the technique of creating a brickwork pattern with ceramic tiles, culminating in a finished piece they can take home and proudly display.

This hands-on experience not only imparts technical skills but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-expression.

100% of families recently surveyed said they had better communication at home as a direct result of their children participating in a Plumb Learning workshop.

Beyond the practical skills, our workshops are designed to imbue participants with a rich set of soft skills. The precision required in measuring and cutting tiles teaches attention to detail and patience, while the process of sticking and grouting enhances their problem-solving abilities and adaptability. The collaborative nature of the workshop environment encourages teamwork and communication, critical skills in any professional or personal setting.

By participating in our tiling workshops, children and young people gain not just a valuable trade skill, but also a toolkit of life skills that will benefit them in countless ways. Whether they pursue a career in the trades or any other path, the lessons learned here will lay a foundation for success, creativity, and lifelong learning.

Course content was extensive yet delivered in a very child friendly manner.

~ Mother of Maryam

My child thoroughly enjoyed his session. The only negative thing he had to say was that he “wishes it was for longer

~ Parent of Yahya